Charles Bukowski’s Nirvana


Selected comments from the Vimeo release

A Lights Down Low Production
Director: Patrick Biesemans
Music: Aled Roberts

Paul (password = aled)

Director: Evan Metzold
Music: Aled Roberts

Rise Fast As Fall [music sample]

Director: Thomas Johnson
Producer: Joe Hood
Music: Aled Roberts


NYU Tisch Student Film
Director: Ida Chalengar
Sound Design: Louis Gordon
Music: Aled Roberts

Pitch for childs’ aventure feature film

Pitch for feature film
Three demos I created on a Sunday to show off the lighter side of my composing
Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in my home studio by myself

Scene from Fantastic Mr. Fox [re-scored and sound designed]

Audio for Video II Final Project
Sound Design: Aled Roberts and Nick Dooley
Sound Mixing: Nick Dooley
Music: Aled Roberts
Voices: Dave Stopera, Kristine Kruta, Keenan Roberts, Aled Roberts, Misha Spivakovsky, Nick Farina

Útulek (Haven) [music sample] (password = aled)

Written and Directed by Louis Gordon
Music: Aled Roberts

Zarco Tequila Ad Campaign

A Dead As We Know It Project
Director: Patrick Biesemans
Sound Design: Aled Roberts
Music: Aled Roberts

Over and Over

A StyleCaster Short
Creative Direction: Spencer Wohlrab and Patrick Biesemans
Director: Patrick Biesemans
DP: Michael Ormiston
Music: “Wood and String” by Saladman and Cowboylegs

Hawaiian Tropic: Shimmer in the City

A StyleCaster partnership with Hawaiian Tropic
Director: Sami Khan
Model: Audrey Leary
Music: Aled Roberts


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